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BGC Melody | November 23, 2020

Rebelations 33, Vol. 1 is the first release of a total of 12 songs covering the final stage of Bah’Ndong’s artistic transformation from a pure rapper to a hybrid rap vocalist, an African artist with universal appeal. The 12 songs are arranged in counter-chronological order, going from the most current […]


ASKIA Mami Bakala… Congratulations!

BGC Melody | September 4, 2020

We are collectively extremely proud of you. You are a source of pride and joy in our positive world. You’re a shining personification of what we believe most decent humans stand for dogged persistence. You are a champion. You are a queen. We couldn’t be more proud of you. You […]


Is Bah’Ndong “Da Baddest” Camer Rap Vocalist?

BGC Melody | April 13, 2020

  Michael Jackson famously asked the existentialist question: “Who’s Bad”? And in almost the same lyrical breath, he answered his highly rhetorical question with the famous phrase, “I’m Bad… I’m Bad… You know it!” Bah’Ndong took the “badness” further. He didn’t even care to ask “Who’s badder than… we dare […]

  • Cookie Crumbles [Theme Song] – Official Lyrics Visualizer
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    01. Cookie Crumbles [Theme Song] - Official Lyrics Visualizer
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